Image Libraries

Image Libraries

Our cloud-based digital asset storage platform, Suitcase, is the ideal option for hotels with photographs, videos and other digital files to store securely. Log in from anywhere to quickly retrieve files for journalists, or locate images to use in your next advertising campaign. A simple-to-use tagging system makes identifying your images quick and easy, so locating specific shots is effortless.

We can help you manage and store your digital assets securely.

Image Libraries

Our image library, Suitcase, is ideal for keeping all your digital assets securely stored, in a manageable format. If you’ve ever tried to locate a particular image from ‘that Christmas brochure’ six years ago, you’ll know how frustrating it can be without an organised system. With Suitcase, you can create albums to manage images for specific projects, all securely stored and available 24/7.

  • Secure storage online
  • 24/7 access wherever you are
  • Manage images in albums
  • Tag images for easy identification


Our purpose built image library platform is designed with hoteliers in mind. Easy to use and hassle-free, Suitcase allows you to be as organised as you want or need. Your Suitcase will be tailored to your brand, as well as being secure, organised, and we’ll even provide you with analysis and reporting. Suitcase image libraries mean you can keep all of your media in one place, for both us and you to access at any time and in any place.

  • Secure

  • Accessible

  • Infinite users

  • Keyword tags

  • Cloud based

  • Sharing

  • Publishing

  • Full brand control

  • Analytics & reporting

We developed our image libraries to give hoteliers full control. The ability to organise and manage their assets has proved invaluable to their brand management.

James Brown, Operations Director, Journey

Talk to us about managing and storing your digital assets with Suitcase image libraries. Call us on: 01242 682050